7 Reasons To Love Justice C Serum

1)      At a pH of 4.48, this product falls right in the range of the normal pH of the skin which is between 4 to 7. Using any product beyond this range can cause irritation and negative reactions.

2)      It’s non-GMO and suited for all skin types. This serum can give you youthful looking skin by greatly improving its hydration.

3)      Containing Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Ascorbic Acid as its form of Vitamin C, this is more stable and less irritating that other forms that most skin care companies use.

4)      It comes packaged in a blue glass bottle to prevent oxidation.

5)      Vitamin E is one of the most powerful vitamins that can help your skin fight free radicals and the signs of aging.  The addition of Vitamin E to Vitamin C forms a complementary effect to each other. When partnered, both vitamins give off a strong antioxidant effect, smoothing benefits and increased rate of cellular repair

6)      Arginine mainly functions as an antioxidant that helps build collagen production.  

7)       Vitamin C naturally provides added protection from skin damage when paired with a sunscreen.


Serum, Vitamin CJulie Zelen